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So, today was my first day back at school.  It was alright. I had four classes back to back.

My first class was oceanography. It seemed to be a not so bad class. We went over the syllabus, and the professor explained a system of extra credit in the form of games. Like...games. He explained that one game will entail going outside and pretending to be a predator seeking its prey. The class started laughing. Seems a little juvenile for a college class, but if that will give me extra credit points, I'm all for it. We had about five minutes left of class, and I had another class (thankfully, in the same building). The professor decided to start a lesson anyway. He had about 20 slides left of his powerpoint to cover, and he did them all. I kept huffing and puffing because I was supposed to be out of the classroom and on to my next class, but he kept teaching. He wanted to finish the lesson, so he just taught extremely fast. He's Indian with a thick accent, so when he talked fast I couldn't really understand much of what he was saying. Hopefully this is the last time he decided to try to fit a lesson in five minutes.

Next was history. My favorite! I rushed over to my next class, totally leaving my friend behind. I felt terrible, but I had to get to class. There were close to no seats left! I had to sit at an angle where there was a huge projector in my view. Not cool. My teacher explained the syllabus, as usual. I was worried about the amount of books required for the class (eight!), but it turns out that we have to write two out of three essays either on the books provided or a designated MOVIE! And the movies aren't boring documentaries. They are actual, legitmate movies! That makes me feel better. I just saved about fifty dollars. I have the same teaching assistant that I had for my last history class. And she was a tough grader. Yikesssss! And we didn't have essays to write in my last history class. Hopefully, I can do well.

Fortunately me for, my political science class was in the same room as history was. I hated my seat, so when history was over, I just moved to a much better seat. We waited for about 25 minutes. I read some of my book. The professor came is. He seemed really down to earth. He didn't have his syllabus with him. He explained that his day job is an analyst at the Capitol, so he will be late sometimes to class. So, he makes mega money working for the government, and then more money working as a college professor. Whoa! It seems like an ok class. I'm not all too interested in the anatomy of politics. Just as long as I know the basics and what presidents stand for, I'm good.

I had extra time, so I ate some lunch. I  have decided to make lunch. It's much better than wasting money of fast food that will go right to my thighs ands hips. I made me a sammichhhh and also had a banana. A light lunch, but just enough to keep me satisfied.

Spanish was next. I always worry about Spanish. I've had 8 years of Spanish, and I still cannot gain a shred of knowledge. I can tell you any vocabulary word and give you short, basic sentences, but don't ask me to say a whole paragraph in subjunctive form. Can't do it! My professor is funny. It made me relax a little bit. He understood that some of us are a little rusty when it comes to a foreign language. He went over the syllabus, showed us some helpful sites, and then showed a cute little Spanish movie. I think I will do alright, I just have to go to class.

I went home, relaxed a little bit, and then I hit the gym. I really wanted to sign up for the dancing class this semester and spots fill up fast, but I got one, so it's all good! I worked out a little bit, and then signed up for a ab workout class. I was looking forward to it, but was a little disappointed. I thought it would last an hour, like all other GroupX classes do, but it only lasted thirty minutes. I felt like we didn't much ab workout. I'll find out tomorrow if I feel the burn or not. GroupX classes are free and people can sign up for them thirty minutes before they start. They have a wider selection than the specialty classes (which is what my dance class is). I'm going to try to take one class each day. I'll try to do different ones so I can vary it up a bit. I'll have to see which ones are being offered tomorrow, but they have a hip hop class on Friday and I am uber excited about! I don't think I'll take one when dancing starts. Those classes are on Wednesdays. That will be my class. 

Alright, I'm here. I might as well cook dinner or something. I have no homework, and I definitely do not want to spend all my time on the computer tonight. I have been having major difference in my sleep cycle. I guess holidays do that to you. I wouldn't go to sleep until 6 AM and then I would wake up at 3 PM. On Saturday, I took a nap and woke up around 10 PM. I decided to just stay up for the rest of the night and all of Sunday so I could get my sleep schedule back in order. Well, what do you know, I was sleeping like a baby when I got in bed at 11 PM. I woke up today around 6:40 AM, and I was totally refreshed.

Alright, I sha

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