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I have wonderful news. My dad will only have to have four to six more sessions of chemotherapy, and his cancer will be gone. His doctor also said that he didn’t have to take some of his medications. He takes about 30 in a given day, and now, it’s about 20. Dad had to take shots to help protect his white blood cell count, but he doesn’t have to take them anymore. Things are looking up! He has a little cold right now that my mom and I are monitoring, but it’s nothing serious.

My mom came home today and told me that her co-worker’s husband has a lump in his neck and has been experiencing some pain in his shoulder. My dad had a lump in his neck and pain in his shoulder. But, these days, lymphoma isn’t so much the death threat that it use to be. Doctors anticipate a cure for my dad’s type of cancer during his lifetime. There are 7,000 drugs being introduced, researched, and tested.

In other news, I didn’t have to go to work today, which was exciting. I really did not want to work this week. I want to focus on packing and getting errands done before school starts again. I have lots to do…get my oil changed, schedule and eye appointment, hopefully get my hair dyed, get some groceries…I should start ordering some of my books for school. I’m on the fence. Books are so expensive, and teachers expect you to buy them on the first day. I will be ordering my books from Amazon, so it’ll take a while. I get so upset. Teachers seem to think that students are made of money. One of my books is $200. When I try to sell it back, I probably will not get more than $50. I spend $600 on books and won’t get $100 when I sell them back. And the worst part is, is that I probably won’t use most of the books. Angry, angry, angry.

I have gotten my mom excited about the Disney College Program. When I first told her about it two years ago, she just thought I was dreaming. I’ve told her all about it, the perks, everything; she seemed more interested in me participating in the program. The person I have to convince is my dad. He firmly believes that I have the voice of Celine Dion to be able to make it. If (and I hope!) I’m going to be a character, I don’t talk. At. All. But it’s okay, because I will be a part of the Disney Program, I will live in Patterson Court, I will be a character (fingers crossed), I will go to Disney parks every free day I get, I will make tons of friends that I will hate to leave, I will have the time of my life.

I know it’s not all fun and dandy. I will have to work, but if I’m working at Disney World, I don’t think I’ll mind.

I think my house is going insane.

So, I'm unloading groceries, and I pick up some items that have to go in the pantry. I open then door, only the door wouldn't open. I pulled on the door, I shook the doorknob, I made my mom open it. It wouldn't budge. So, my dad had to take the hinges off, which was a feat.

That should have been funny if a burglar were in there, hiding. I had lots of pantry items in my hands that I could have pelted him with. Mom had a head of lettuce in her hands. And my dad had a screwdriver in his hands. Quite the weapons, if I do say so myself.  A food burglar. Ha.

I've also learned that when someone uses the treadmill, the lights in my mom's bathroom flickers. Like ghostly flickering. So weird. I'm not sure what to think of our slowly dying house. 

New Things

I'm not one for writing my life on the internet. Actually, I'm not one for writing my life. But, I've decided that it may be good for me to do something when my time is consumed by a computer.

It's 2009, I'll be turning 20. I think it's time for a new me. Here goes.

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